Wireless presentation in
any company space
In Equipped meeting rooms
The screen is too far? Receive the presentation on your device

In meeting rooms, sometimes, you are too far away or facing sideways from the screen on which the content is shown, which might be a spreadsheet. Huddle Hub's ability to reproduce the content of the screen on your device provides a more natural and comfortable meeting environment.
In Huddle Rooms
Your huddle room is not AV-equipped?
No problem, just BYOD

Huddle rooms are usually not furnished with audio/video equipment: a table, some chairs and a telephone are all you find there. You do not need anything else: just connect your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to Huddle hub through its dedicated network of through the company wireless network and create a "Virtual Huddle Room". Presentations and video conferences are now easy and comfortable.
In Your Office
No meeting room availabe?
No problem, meet in your office

Sometimes you must present your project to your colleagues, and no meeting room is available.
With Huddle Hub a meeting room is not necessary anymore, your office is all you need.
The participants connect to the hub with their personal devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), and they immediately will receive the content of your screen and share their content as required.
In informal Spaces
Collaboration during a coffee break?
Easy and comfortable.

The design of work environments is changing. More and more people find themselves collaborating in cafes, hotel lobbies, lounge areas, and other open concept spaces. Huddle Hub is the only solution that transforms such spaces for effective collaboration: join a Huddle Hub session and send your content to your colleagues' devices.
In Auditoriums
The main screen is not enough?
Duplicate it wirelessly on as many screens as you want

When the meeting happens in halls, theaters or large teaching spaces, often a single screen - even if big - is not enough for everybody to clearly see the presentation.
Huddle Hub offers the opportunity to give everyone a perfect view, wirelessly duplicating the main screen on participant's devices or other TV screens.